It follows a group of misfits and outsiders: a chromehead decker, a teenage candy-junky klepto, a kid's show wizard with a petulant thirst for adventure, and the nastiest trucker this side of the robo-Mason-Dixon. Join the irascible NeoScum crew as they make their way across a strange but familiar America in 2077, doling out street justice to every deeb they encounter – whether they deserve it or not.


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neoscum logo by  will kirkby

neoscum logo by will kirkby

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NeoScum Nights Logo By Casey Toney and  Will kirkby

NeoScum Nights Logo By Casey Toney and Will kirkby

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Neoscum starter logo by casey toney and  will kirkby

Neoscum starter logo by casey toney and will kirkby

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RATING: ★★★★★
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I do listening to this podcast.
— a taratara1213 (Jun 10, 2018)

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