Write in the voice of the cast and characters with NeoScum predictive text keyboards

Jonah Cooper, NeoScum Guest and comedy writer/content creator at Botnik Studios, used text from the NeoScum Transcription Project to train predictive keyboards with the common speech patterns and vocabulary of the NeoScum cast and characters. He then made an entirely original and remarkably On Brand™ scene of his own.

Read along with Jonah's hilarious scene as you listen to the cast perform it below. Then, when you’re done, try making your own NeoScum scene with the included keyboard links.

NeoScum Keyboards


Blair  /  Casey  /  Eleni  /  Gannon  /  Mike


Dak  /  Pox  /  Tech  /  Zenith  /  NPCs

Scene by jonah cooper and an ALGORITHMic assistant.

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